last updated: 23 March 2022

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

regarding the purchase of a Fine Art Print on the website


  • Contract
  • Buying a limited edition Fine Art Print
  • Right to decline an order
  • Right to cancel an order
  • Changes in specifications
  • Damaged shipment
  • 30-day return
  • Copyright
  • Reselling
  • Disagreements
  • terms & conditions, regarding support for the easy town projects

Terms & conditions


Any contract is between you (the customer) and Charlie Alice Raya aka Ellen Paschiller (the photographer).


Buying a limited edition Fine Art Print

Choose a limited edition Fine Art Print and pay via the payment method of your choice.

Order confirmations

Case 1: Payment via PayPal. A preliminary order confirmation can be downloaded directly after the transaction is completed.

Case 2: Payment via direct bank transfer. There is no automated order confirmation.

In both cases, the customer will receive a valid order confirmation via email within 24 hours (on working days). The email will state whether or not the order has been accepted and is being processed. This second confirmation establishes a contract between the customer and the photographer.


If an order has been accepted, the Fine Art Print will be produced by the printer WhiteWall, unless prints are already in store. Production usually takes 5 working days.

Checking the print

WhiteWall delivers the print to the photographer.
If the print doesn’t meet with the photographer’s expectations, then the delivery to the customer will be delayed, and a new print will be ordered.
In such a case, the customer will be informed about the delay, and if necessary, the customer will be informed about changes in the specifications of the print.

Completing the order & shipment

When the photographer receives the print, the photographer checks the print, signs it, and adds the Certificate of Authenticity for the limited edition, plus the invoice.

Within 3 days, the complete package will be sent to the customer in WhiteWall’s secure packaging.

Delivery time & delivery costs

Delivery times vary depending on where in the world the customer is.

WhiteWall usually takes 5 days to produce the print.

It take 2-3 days for the print to reach the photographer, and it might take another 2-3 days to check, sign and forward the print to the customer’s address. Customers will be informed when the package has been posted.

Overall production and shipping can take between 11-28 days.

The delivery costs, VAT and where applicable tariffs, are included in the price.

Right to decline an order

Charlie Alice Raya reserves the right to decline an order and to refund the paid amount within 7 days.
This can happen should a limited edition have reached its limit before it could be taken off the website.This can also happen, if the buyer is someone the photographer doesn’t want to do business with.

Right to cancel the order

The customer has the right to cancel an order within the 14 days cooling off period proposed by European law.
The price paid will be refunded in full within seven working days. The refund will be delayed should the Fine Art Print already be on its way to the customer. Once the print is returned to the photographer undamaged, the amount paid will be refunded within seven working days.

Use this email to cancel your order:

Changes in specifications

The photographer reserves the right to change the specifications of the ordered photograph. These changes may include using a different Hahnemühle Paper, size, print method and others.Should a change in one or more specifications become necessary or preferable, then the customer will be informed of the changes and of the reasons behind the changes.

Case 1: The customer agrees to the changes
In that case the print will be produced according to the new specifications.The price for the print will not change for the customer who ordered it even if the new specifications incur higher costs and lead to a new price.

Case 2: The new specifications are unacceptable or undesirable to the customer.
In this case, the customer can cancel the order of the print within 7 days (not counting the weekend).
The price paid by the customer will be refunded within 7 working days.

Damaged shipment

If you receive a damaged shipment, please report the damage as soon as possible and provide proof of the damage (photo of broken package or the like) and return the damaged shipment.

Then you can either reorder the print, or you will receive a refund for the price paid plus the costs for the return shipment.

A new print will be ordered once the damaged shipment is back with the photographer.

The refund is due within 7 days after the damaged shipment is back with the photographer.

Please, use this email to report a damaged or delayed shipment:

30-day return

If the Fine Art Print doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return the Fine Art Print within 30 days after posting.

The thirty days start on the day of posting the print to you.
The date on your return package is the relevant date to determine whether or not the print was returned within 30 days.

In short
sender date = start of 30 days
date on return package = no later than day 30

If you return the Fine Art Print undamaged, the price you paid will be refunded in full.

The shipment costs for the return will usually not be refunded.


The copyright of any photograph or graphic by Charlie Alice Raya remains with the photographer. You may not copy or reproduce any photograph or graphic in any way. Every kind of copyright violation will be prosecuted.


You can resell your limited edition Fine Art Print. If you sell the Fine Art Print for a higher price, please, transfer a 7% share of the profit to the easy town projects.


Should there be any trouble or disagreements, German laws apply. The place of jurisdiction is Berlin, since all easy town projects are presently based in Berlin.

Please, use this email to report disagreements: or use the support form.

Free downloads

Terms, conditions and copyright

Sometimes a collection of graphics or photographs and/or quotes is available as free pdf download.

If you download a pdf document, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

You may copy the complete file
and share the complete file freely.

It is not allowed to use any separate part of such a collection, be it a quote, extract, graphic, idea or photograph, in any context. It is not allowed to print such a collection or single parts of it, or to sell these collections or any part of them.

Terms & conditions

Regarding support for the easy town projects

The following business principles apply for all easy town projects:

  • no exploitation
  • no discrimination
  • no corruption

This means: support for the easy town projects is welcome,
but cooperation might be declined, in which case payments made are refunded.

For more information see also:

Download the terms & conditions

The terms and conditions are included in the Fine Art Print catalogue and in the Q & A download pdf.

However, the most up to date version of the terms & conditions is always the one on this website.

Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns about the terms & conditions.