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Welcome to the world of photography – well, to my world of photography, which has a lot to do with pattern, with the unseen, with playing with colours, experimenting, moving the camera, catching mirrored images and with exploring what might be possible and what could be made visible.

The photo series

The photo series range from magical tree barks and rock compositions to mirrored images, black and white photography, colour experiments, light dance images, a dancing coot and more.

The photo prints

Theoretically most photos and graphics on this website are available as Fine Art Print, usually on high quality Hahnemühle Paper. A selection of limited edition photo prints is presented in the Charlie Alice Raya catalogue.

If a photo or graphic you are interested in is not yet in the catalogue, you can suggest the opening of a new limited edition.

The photo studies

I started the photo studies as a reminder to myself, assembling photos with different perspectives, techniques, formats and experiments which I have explored so far. I share my observations and examples in the photo studies section. A highlight is the documentation of how the light dance images came about.

The graphics

There are two graphics types: graphics I created for the easy town websites and for the easy town book covers, and some of the graphical work I did with red chalk and ink, in 2016 and 2022 respectively.

Support the easy town books & projects

Every purchase of a Fine Art Print contributes to financing the easy town books and the easy town projects, all of which aim at inspiring and at contributing to a thriving, empowered, dignified, sustainable, inclusive and healthy future on our planet.

What are the easy town books & projects?

The easy town books by Charlie Alice Raya tell the story of a team which explores ideas of what it would take to build a town that is as fun and empowering as it is healthy to live in.

The easy town projects pick up ideas from the easy town story, such as ideas for new business models (The Hub – an internet within the internet, dot. – fashion and business practices rethought, or book stations – ideas for the future of books.

Some easy town projects have their own website and each features a photo special. A highlight are are the Author’s Favourites on the ripples website.

On a personal note

In autumn/winter 2023 I have to focus on some issues outside the projects, and it is possible that an order you place or an email you send might be put on hold, and it might take a while before I can respond. But, please, don’t hesitate to contact me and thank you for your patience. From December on it might also be possible to contact me via zoom and signal.

Enjoy the photos and the graphics, and have a pleasant day. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Charlie Alice Raya
October 2023

graphics for the sex talk
photo: Charlie Alice Raya


Fine Art Prints by Charlie Alice Raya offered in limited editions.

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