last updated: 17 March 2022

Limited edition Fine Art Prints

What is a limited edition?

A limited edition, as offered by Charlie Alice Raya, is the print of a photograph or graphic limited to a maximum number of prints.

For example, limiting a Fine Art Print edition to 111 prints means that this photograph with the stated specifications (format, material, print method a.s.o.) will only be printed 111 times.

For more details see the pdf download >

What does 111/222 mean?

Some photographs are available as single photograph AND as part of an assembly.

If the specifications are the same for the single photograph and for the one in the assembly, then both photographs belong to the same limited edition. BUT only 111 prints are available as single print while the other 111 prints are only available as part of the complete set.

What does 2011/20 mean?

The first year is the year the photograph was taken. The second year is the year the photograph was edited.

What does 2011/15/21 mean?

Photographs from the years 2011, 2015 and 2021 are included in this set of photographs. This applies, for example, to barks medley, 2011/15/21.


What is a
Hahnemühle Fine Art Print?

A Hahnemühle Fine Art print is a pigment print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper.

What is
Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper?

Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper is a high quality paper used by artists for exhibitions and limited edition Fine Art Prints.

Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper is a textured paper which allows for excellent image quality and brilliant colour gradation. And it is highly durable.

There different kinds of Hahnemühle Paper.

The photographer’s choice

Charlie Alice Raya mostly favours Hahnemühle Torchon for its brilliant matte colour display with just a hint of roughness that keeps the print from becoming some glossy thing and cements it as a work with character.

Hahnemühle Torchon paper

Coarse surface texture for extravagant photo productions that captures the 3-dimensionality of an artwork in a unique way.
Bright white with a matte finish.

285 g/m²

What is a pigment print?

Epson UltraChrome Pro pigments ensure the finest tonal gradation for Fine Art Prints. Six colours and three shades of black provide nuances, and emphasise every detail.

Who is WhiteWall?

WhiteWall offers unique know-how in printing, uses high-quality Hahnemühle papers, and ensures perfect results for Fine Art Prints.
In 2021 WhiteWall was awarded “Best Photo Lab” by the TIPA World Awards for the fourth time.

Find out more about WhiteWall >>>

Colours & frames

What will the colours on the print be like?

The colours of the Fine Art Prints will be somewhere between what you see on the website, and what you see in the catalogue.

Can I order a frame with my Fine Art Print?

Yes. You can order most prints with a frame.

The Fine Art Prints are offered without a frame to support local frame-makers.

For more details see the pdf download >

How does it work?

& click

Choose one or more photo prints and then click on checkout.

Alternatively you can order via telephone +49 30 705 097 58

Or get in touch via email.

& confirmation

You can choose between paying via bank transfer or via PayPal.

In either case, you will receive your full confirmation email within 24 hours of placing your order (on working days).

& shipping I

The photo lab WhiteWall produces the Fine Art Print(s) within five working days.

After another two or three working days the Fine Art Print(s) will reach the photographer.

checking, signing
& shipping II

The print is checked, signed, and a Certificate of Authenticity is added.

Production and shipping usually take between 11-28 days.

The prices include shipping costs, tariffs and taxes.


Additional questions & answers

What if my Fine Art Print doesn’t fit?

If you realise that the print you chose doesn’t fit, you can return it within 30 days after the print was posted to you.

Delivery time and delivery costs

Production and shipping usually take between 11-28 days.

The delivery costs are included in the price.

What if I want to buy more than one print of a single photograph?

Click on CHECKOUT and choose the option: pay directly via bank transfer. In this form you can enter the title of the print, and change the number of prints you want to purchase.

Can I purchase a photograph in a different format?

Yes. You can suggest a photograph or a graphic for an additional limited edition.

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Can I purchase a photograph that isn’t on offer?

Yes. You can suggest any photograph or graphic you find on the easy town websites for a limited edition.

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Can I purchase a photograph
and have it sent to someone as a present?

Yes. You can purchase a Fine Art Print as a present for someone else. In such a case, you will receive the invoice.

The signed Fine Art Print, the Certificate of Authenticity, and a copy of the invoice (without the price) will be sent to the address you indicate. You can also add a short message.

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Emails will be answered within 48 hours whenever possible.


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