Will there be new photo series?

Writing the easy town books has priority for me. But I do love photography, and occasionally I pick up the camera.

I remember a sunny day in December 2020 when I decided to take the camera on a walk in my park around the corner. It was winter, it was freezing cold, and I was happily hunting from tree to tree, searching for intriguing tree bark images.

While reviewing my material, I rediscovered a tree bark collection from 2015, also from December. I had forgotten all about it.

But this discovery decided me to take one last tree bark tour of my park. This time in summer. A final Berlin tree bark collection. Or so I thought. But once I started, I couldn’t quite stop, and by now I have been on several tours and brought home many new additions to my tree bark collection.

photo series, surfaces III, winter sun tree barks, 2020, by Charlie Alice Raya
clouds by Charlie Alice Raya
clouds echoing, 2022

I started taking cloud images in 2022 when the war in Ukraine began and the dramatic cloud formations seemed to echo the horrors of war.

By the end of 2021, I decided to grant myself one photo day a months — a day to take the camera for a walk and search for the unseen.

By October 2022, I have not quite managed a photo day a month, but the photo collections have grown considerably nonetheless and include new series like Berlin ghosts, Berlin moved or Berlin mirrored. And I added quite a few photos taken from my balcony: the new clouds series, the Berlin Marathon specials, and the new photo study The House.

I have no idea whether I will have the time to pick up the camera much next year, but by the looks of it, I always return to my photographic work at some point.

Berlin ghosts, Berlin marathon, by Charlie Alice Raya
Berlin ghosts, Berlin marathon, 2022

In past years, I tried to take images of the Berlin Marathon from my balcony. But it was only in 2022 that I tried to capture the running crowds with a moving camera. And that’s me done with the Berlin Marathon. I don’t think I can do better than those images.

What I would like to do occasionally is to accept a commission for a local tree bark collection.

Say a town needed a new park, a new town square, or a decent place for homeless people, and the town could finance part of the project via selling their own tree bark Fine Art Prints. I would be happy to help make that happen.

photo series, tree bark, summer 2021, by Charlie Alice Raya

Also, when I started my street life collection some time around 2006, I dreamed of travelling and finding street corners in other cities to add street life collections from around the world. I still like that idea.

photo series, street life, berlin, by Charlie Alice Raya


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