photo specials

Every easy town website got its own photo special, and those are introduced here.

easy town books

icon for easy town books

The easy town books are the source of all easy town ideas & projects.

The two photo specials on the easy town website are the title images for the books, and the chapter trees for the single chapters of book 2, travelling.

easy town ideas, projects & stories

icon for easy town ideas, projects and stories

For the easy town ideas website I wanted something dynamic and settled on objects moved, a series of photographs which were taken with a moving camera.

towns and cities international

icon for towns and cities international (TaCI)

For towns & cities the street life series is the best fit with it’s impressions of city people crossing the streets, while their body language tells their stories, or so it seems.


icon for dot.

dot. is an idea for a fashion company, and this photo special is all about pattern created by experimenting with tree bark photos and the colour settings.

The Hub

icon for the hub

For the Hub I chose two photo specials. And what I like about these is that they seem like a contradiction: the solid rock and the flowing light lines. But that’s what makes them the perfect choice for the Hub. There is solidity in the Hub approach and in the Hub Stations, and there are endless dancing streams of possibilities.

book stations

icon for book stations

Book stations are an idea for places that are all about books and printing and storytelling and the interaction with nature. The photo special bricks & walls fits right in, both in terms of the shelter they might give a reader and the stories they could tell, not least about their interaction with nature and humans.

we need to talk about sex

icon for the website: we need to talk about sex

So far I haven’t gone looking for images with a sexual undertone, but every now and again I come across a picture which unintentionally has something about it, sometimes a sensation, sometimes a suggestion, sometimes a dance or a flight.

ripples foundation

favicon, ripples foundation

The ripples will provide the legal and financial background for all future easy town projects. And because of this crucial role, I decided to give this page a very special photo special: some of the author’s favourite Fine Art Prints.