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Charlie Alice Raya



This category started with a collection of the colours I would use for the easy town websites. This collection was for me, my colours and reference room. But when more and more graphics where needed for the new websites, I decided to present some of them.

Red chalk and ink

When I worked on the photo series, I wondered whether I could also add some of my sketches. And once I had a graphics category, I compiled some of my work with red chalk. The first red chalk sketches are from 2016, the second series is from February 2023.

In summer 2022 I worked with ink for the first time in a decade or so. This time I included some ink blots. In early 2023 I did some new works with ink, this time branching out a bit.

Graphics and the easy town projects

I always liked to play with colours and forms, but I never expected that I would one day spend hours upon hours to get an icon, or a book cover, or a graphic chart right — or as right as I could get it.

For the easy town books and projects I did, and in the graphics series, I introduce some of those graphics.

In some cases I will let you in on the different attempts I made.

Apart from needing the images, there was also the positive effect that I was sometimes too tired to keep writing, but I could play with graphics both to relax and to keep thinking about this or that idea in a kind of playful, leisurely way.

red chalk and ink

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