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Photographs from 16 photo series are on offer as limited edition Fine Art Prints. Click on an image and take a look at the offers.

Most photo prints are pigment prints on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper.

Hahnemühle Torchon is often used for its brilliant matte colour display with just a hint of roughness that adds character.

Hahnemühle Torchon

Coarse surface texture. Ideal for extravagant photo productions, capturing the 3-dimensionality of an artwork in a unique way. Bright white with a matte finish.

285 g/m²

About the collections

tree barks collection: Tree barks are like landscapes and sometimes they even have a face, always there is some magic in them.

rocks collection: Pattern discovered, stories conjured up, cracks explored — rocks are full of surprises.

nature and bricks & walls collections: Pattern created by nature and pattern created by humans, and some by both.

greyscale collection: There is an elegance in grey that colour can rarely match.

flotsam & jetsam collection: Found on the beach of the Baltic Sea.

moved and mirrored collections: Playing with motion, colours and reflections.

wall dissolved in twelve acts collection: The mirrored images of a wall further dissolved by experiments with colours.

colours extreme collections: Photos put through experiments with the colours, revealing new layers of the images.

light lines collection: Using existing lights sources to paint photos with light

light dance collection: Using fairy lights to dance and paint with light.

street life collection: A bird’s eye view of a street corner was the starting point for these images which have been simplified via the choice of the picture detail and the use of special filters, thereby focusing on the essence of the figures captured in these images.

title images collection: This is where the photographic work of Charlie Alice Raya and their easy town books overlap. Each book of the easy town series and a number of project subjects have their specific title image.

chapter trees collection: The chapter trees were selected for the various chapters of book 2, travelling, by Charlie Alice Raya. The book needed ten images which would work as an assembly and would still have some connections to travelling. Eventually I decided to use tree bark images in a reference to the very different landscapes the travelling team in book 2 encounter, both literally and figuratively.

misc collections: Old trees, a flower bud, a cornflower stealing the show, ice on the sea, sea levels, the cow, lovers in stone, and an early graphic.

NEW in 2023: Some new limited editions will be opened this year.


Each sold Fine Art Print will contribute to the easy town projects.

This is how the shares are calculated:

One third goes to the photographer. The remaining two thirds are split between the production and shipping costs, and the projects.

With low prices the share for the projects is less than a third, with medium prices the share is usually about a third (unless there are high shipping and VAT costs) and with higher prices the share for the projects is easily more than a third.

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