last updated: 16 March 2023

Support the easy town projects

The easy town projects include the easy town books, business ideas, ideas for towns and cities, efforts to rethink whatever might need a rethink, ideas for movies and other stories, and more.

You can support the easy town projects with a donation, or by purchasing a limited edition Fine Art Print, by buying the easy town books, and by contributing to the projects with your knowledge and know-how.

You can get a good overview of all ideas, plans and what the easy town projects are good for on the easy town ideas website.

For donations you can use the account below.
You can state a specific project you would like to support, or you can make a donation which will be used where it is needed most.

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With the support we propose for the Hub Stations, we demonstrate early on that we mean what we say, that we are not out to exploit, that we work to create not to pump dry, and that every human will be treated with respectin our businesses.

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Photo print shares

Each sold photo print will contribute to the easy town projects.

The shares are calculated in the following way:

Charlie Alice Raya, the photographer, receives one third of the price. The remaining two thirds are split between the costs (production, shipping, taxes) and the easy town projects.

Photo prints are available in a broad price range to make both small and large contributions possible.

A print with a low price contributes less than a third of the price to the projects. A print with a medium price provides a share of about a third (unless shipping and VAT costs are high). And prints and series with higher prices contribute more than a third to the easy town projects.

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