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The four main categories:

photo series, Venice mirror, 2011, by Charlie Alice Raya

photo series

There are over 40 photo series from tree bark images to light dance, from street life to colours extreme. You can take a tour: starting here, or you visit the overview page and pick a photo series you are interested in. Some photos are available as limited edition Fine Art Print, and you will find a link to see the specifications.

two dancers


All graphics were created in connection with the easy town books and the new websites. Apart from the images, will also find background information on how these graphics were created and how they developed over time.

photo series, title images for book 1-12 and more, easy town books, by Charlie Alice Raya

fine art prints

The Fine Art Prints are all limited editions, come in different formats and price categories.

On this new website you can take a tour and view all prints, or you use the overview page to pick your favourite photo topic.

photo study, tree bark by Charlie Alice Raya

photo studies

Each photo study focuses on an aspect of photography, such as perspectives or blur.

Some of these images are also available as Fine Art Print.


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photo series: Berlin mirrored, 2022, by Charlie Alice Raya

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