last updated: 21 March 2023

for the easy town websites

In February 2022 I started to make plans for eight additional websites for the easy town projects.

One of the issues I kept coming back to was the question which icon to use for which website.

Not only did I need an icon that was fitting for each subject, all nine (including the original website) needed to fit together.

Some icons were kind of fell into place easily, others took me on a long road of trying again and again.

Below you find some examples of the attempts I made. And in some cases sheer stubbornness kept me trying again and again.

icon for easy town books
icon for easy town ideas, projects and stories
icon for towns and cities international (TaCI)
icon for the hub
we need to talk about sex, favicon
favicon for charlie alice raya photography
favicon, ripples foudation

ripples foundation

For a while I played with graphical forms of waves and curves, but I was never happy with the results. Then I tried one of my favourite photographs with ripples gently distorting the mirrored image of a tree. And that was that.

icon for the website: ripples foundation


The main trouble with the dot. icon was that the earlier attempts didn’t work in a very small format and so I kept simplifying the icon until it had lost all its dynamic. Using three dot. variations in one was the solution that came very late.

icon for dot.

book stations

I liked the early versions where I played with rows of standing and lying books. But these books were too slim and too many to fit into the assembly of the nine icons. So I radically simplified the original idea.

icon for book stations

towns and cities

This was the most difficult one for me. And I still think that something more fitting must be out there somewhere. I didn’t want anything typical like houses. I wanted something where nature and human habitat are intertwined. I will keep trying /:-)

Feb 2023, I like the new icon for it’s simplicity and the colour composition, but the lines are too straight for the easy town ideas. The next icon will be more curvy and less organised.

icon for towns and cities international (TaCI)
icon for towns and cities international, an easy town project

easy town ideas

The initial easy town icon was a leftover from the book cover designs. Later I started to use it for the town idea: Sound City, and in the end I decided that it was more fitting for Sound City, and I created a new icon. I like the new one but I guess it won’t be the last.

Feb 2023, as predicted this icon got another makeover, inspired by the thinkers I had created for the rethink category on this website.

icon for easy town ideas, projects and stories
icon for easy town ideas, projects & stories