to the new Charlie Alice Raya photography website

Berlin, 25 October 2022

Hello everyone from around the world,

and welcome to the new photography website for the easy town projects.

I could also say, welcome to the photography website which only exists because of the easy town projects.

Let me explain. I love photography, and there were years when I used it as a tool to discover pattern, reveal the unseen, explore the many faces of people, objects and landscapes. Then I started earning money with professional photo shoots, and with that I became less eager to pick up the camera when I didn’t have to. Not least because I also did web design, and in 2016 began to write the easy town books.

But when I started to work on the first easy town website, I soon went looking for images I could use to add some colours and life to the pages. That was the beginning of getting back into my very own photographic work — not just by reviewing the existing photo series but also by adding new pieces to the overall collection.

While the easy town books and my photographs have separate websites from now on, there are overlaps, be it the title images for the stories, the tit-bits about photography in the story, or the Fine Arts Prints on offer in support for the easy town projects.

There is a lot to discover on this new website and over the next weeks, I will introduce all parts of it, add new content, make recommendations and add some observations about photography, the easy town books, parallels between photography and writing, and more.

For now this is it: the first hello, and an invitation to take a look around.

Have a great day,

Charlie Alice Raya